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We are developing a fashion range, to strengthen the link between Lesotho and the British icon that is the Spitfire. Through fashion BAHLABANI Collection will provide customers with the history as well as cultural mix that our two great nations embrace.

Our  unique link and history with Lesotho make for a unique story line that we are developing into a brand identity. The goal is to create a collection encompassing both elements of the very British icon that is the Spitfire and the regal culture of Lesotho.

By emphasizing this link through the collection we would create a line that sheds light onto our countries shared story with the world.

The team in Lesotho that will be responsible for the creation of the collection from design to manufacturing.

The Bahlabani collection will be for citizens of the world (global citizens) that will appreciate this unique story of Great Britain and Lesotho.

Our target customers will embrace the blending of cultures, learning from others and show tolerance and respect for every human.

We will create a 10-piece collection that can be distributed within Europe and Africa, the designs will cater to both and all nations.

It is expected that the collection will be re designed and launched once every one or two years


BAHLABANI (WARRIOR) the name given by His Majesty King Letsi III to the Spitfire Heritage Trust’s Lesotho Tribute Spitfire, which was presented to the Sotho people by the Trust in November 2016.

The very word warrior is colourful, powerful. It is Africa, it is individuality, it is self-esteem, it is empowering, it is freedom, for which the Spitfire represents and is indeed a warrior herself.


Led by Lesotho fashion designer Palesa Mercedes Recalde the BAHLABANI COLLECTION will deliver a heady mix of regal Lesotho style with warrior pride, attitude and belonging. Whilst challenging more contemporary  understandings of national identity via the Spitfire as an icon of both the Kindom of Lesotho and the United Kingdom. 

The emblem of the Spitfire Heritage Trust appears on the 50th anniversary of independence Basotho Blanket, part of the national identity of the Basotho people.

BAHLABANI COLLECTION will create design, make and manufacturing jobs in Lesotho and will showcase Sotho talent and cultural heritage to the wider world.


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