Be Proud of your Spitfire Heritage by wearing the stunning SPITFIRE HERITAGE 22 Carat Gold Plate Pin Badge.

A beautiful piece of jewellery that will always start a conversation.


​Hand sculpted by Artist Mark Stickells and cast by the chaps at Westair who have Spitfires in the blood.

Based in Birmingham, home of the original Castle Bromwich Spitfire works.
Many of the current Westair staff have family members who worked in the Birmingham factories during the war including the Spitfire works. Westair would go on to produce sculpted Spitfire models for presentation to RAF Squadrons.

On seeing one such model at RAF Duxford Son of renowned aircraft designer and ‘father of the Spitfire’ R J Mitchells kindly wrote in a letter of congratulations to Westair on the accuracy of the model.


  • Your pin will be sent via second class post


The Spitfire is much more than a vintage aircraft


It is a Great British icon that symbolises the coming together of all the nations of the Commonwealth, as we stood together in defence of our common human values and freedoms.


The Spitfire Heritage Trust is robustly engaged in the strengthening of links and the development of programs that create opportunities, educate, celebrate and give thanks to our Commonwealth family of nations, and to our shared values that transcend culture, religion and gender.

Creating opportunities, Educating and Celebrating our futures born from our past.


T: 07799 790850


Charity Registration number 1182271