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BAHLABANI (WARRIOR) the name given by His Majesty King Letsi III to the Spitfire Heritage Trust’s Lesotho Tribute Spitfire, which was presented to the Sotho people by the Trust in November 2016.

The very word warrior is colourful, powerful. It is Africa, it is individuality, it is self-esteem, it is empowering, it is freedom,

for which the Spitfire represents and is indeed a warrior itself.


Led by Lesotho fashion designer Palesa Mercedes Recalde the BAHLABANI COLLECTION will deliver a heady mix of regal Lesotho style with warrior pride, attitude and belonging. Whilst challenging more contemporary  understandings of national identity via the Spitfire as an icon of both the Kindom of Lesotho and the United Kingdom.

Every single human is fighting a battle of their own. A warrior takes the battle to the front and draws their own line in the sand, this is where I begin, cross over only on my invitation.


BAHLABANI; your image of self, as a citizen of the world with pride in nation, pride in self, heritage and tradition, challenger of the norm if the norm supresses and degrades.


Great people doing great things with great design for great people and the greater good.

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